All About Cube6 IT

We think we are more than just an IT company, we like to feel like an extension to your company, we get to know you personally, and we like it that way. We understand the importance of making sure things work, and that’s why if it matters to you, it matters even more to us!

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Services That Matter

The reasons you’ll love us

IT Support

This is our core business, and we are great at it. Desktops, laptops, servers and everything else...

Web and App Design

A website is a statement, a window into your business and your personality, make sure its the right one.

Application Hosting

Do you and your workers use the same applications daily? Well, this could be just what you need.

Cloud Emails

Cloud emails are the first step in modernising your business, this isn't something you can ignore

VOIP Telephony Systems

VOIP is amazing, feature packed and a great value communications system! Communicate on a new level!

Too many features

Your office phone system could be part of your network, meaning you could use it in ways you could never imagine. You must talk to us about the amazing features of VOIP phone systems!

Online Backups

Backing up our files is the basic way we keep ourselves safe. However Cube 6 can take it one step further.

It just works!

Work Securly From Anywhere!

Something we are asked all the time is, “How can I access all my files securely when I am away”. We have the answer, we are experts at installing secure gateways to your files. Whether you are in Basildon or Bhurma, you will be safely able to access your desktop as if you were in the office!

  • Choose your own hours
  • Work from home or at another office
  • Relax whilst you work!
  • Communicate with staff from a clients place of work
  • Fix a problem, wherever you are!

Always stay Backed up!

Backing up your files is probably the most important thing you can do, we have our own cloud backup facility, meaning if the worst was to happen, we have everything safe and sound!

  • Restore lost files
  • Disaster Recovery Solution
  • Easily restore and transfer files without worry
  • Easy access to backups
  • Keep your data, and business safe!

We love all of our clients

And this is what they think of us.

“We have worked closely with Cube 6 IT for over 5 years and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. The expert advice we receive and the friendly but professional service is exactly what we wanted from our IT Partner.”
Julie McHale, Dove Jeffery Homes
“Cube 6 IT have been so important to our growth. They are always innovative in the solutions they offer. The service is quick and expertly delivered. They are an integral part of our team.”
Ben Shearman, Survatec
“Cube 6 IT have provided us with a first rate service. In the event of any IT issues they are always ready to assist. I would recommend to any business that relies on it’s IT infrastructure. They are all friendly to talk to and easy to work with.”
Craig Dunn, Newton Magnus
“Over the last few years our business has grown exponentially, we partly put that down to the efficiency of the systems that Cube 6 IT have installed. Cube 6 IT has helped us grow at the rate which we have because of the quality of their team.”
Barry Townsend, ESL Engineers
“Cube 6 IT were recommended to us and we are grateful they were. They have enhanced our business and continue to give us quality support. I would have no issues in recommending them to anyone!”
Lee Glaze, Robert Pringle
“I have worked with Cube 6 IT for years now and wouldn’t go anywhere else. They have recently migrated our services to the cloud without any issues. We couldn’t be happier with the service and expertise they give us.”
Gary Coxhall, Third Dimension

Who We Are

What We Strive For

This business was started through a passion for technology, and has been built on the basic enjoyment of helping people. We understand that every person and every business is different, and that’s what makes our work so exciting. Realistically we are probably a little geeky, but we think that is what makes us so unique, we have never been beaten, we have never lost a client and we have only ever had the best feedback. Every engineer and employee has the same reasoning, and that is why a small company in rural Essex is able to shout so loud.

What we have

100% Client retention rate
98.86% average response time target hit (6 Mins)
99.99% Server uptime
88% Spam detection filtering

Dave Garrett

Dave started the business and runs it on a day to day basis. Probably the most qualified person in Essex.

Loves: Spurs

Hates: Egg

Expertise: Networking, Cloud Services

Lynne Garrett

Lynne is the Accounts Manager and Director, she is also the most mature member of the team.

Loves: Everyone

Hates: Mayonnaise

Expertise: Collecting and counting money

Paul Bedford

Our senior lead engineer. Paul enjoys nothing more than working late, early mornings and LBC radio

Loves: West Ham

Hates: Tomato sauce

Expertise: Networking, PHP and Scripting

Dave Gardner

Dave Gardner has been in the industry for over 35 years, there isn’t much he doesn’t know.

Loves: Weekend at the caravan

Hates: Nothing

Expertise: Making things happen

Dan Britton

Dan is an up and coming engineer with a great future ahead!

Loves: Liverpool FC

Hates: Internet Explorer

Expertise: Dan excels at networking and sever maintenance

Lianne Gradon

Lianne is our new admin assistant who approaches every job with an open mind

Loves: Her kids

Hates: Being bored

Expertise: Good with numbers and is excellent with our customers

Alfie Brooks

The new apprentice to the team, Alfie is eager to learn about networking and is great at graphic design

Loves:Video games

Hates: Nothing

Expertise: Alfie loves to use Photoshop to edit

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